WordPress Broken Link Checker Plugin

How important is Broken Link Checker plugin for our WordPress blog?

When we submit our WordPress site to Google Webmaster Tool, one of the advantage is checking some errors in our site.

Including page not found errors. However for example, one of our commenters site is down or gone, Webmaster Tools won’t notify us.

But Broken Link Checker will do. It will notify us all of broken links, including, image links, site links of our commenters and many more.

This way, we don’t have to check manually on those links. Imagine you have hundreds of commenters and you have to check one by one of their site links, it would be a pain.

I installed it a few months after i started this blog, and i am very satisfied with this plugin, so you can try it too.

When missing link is identified, you can have many options, to check this link again, edit the links, or even “unlink” it.

You can have this plugin by installing from your dashboad, appearance → Plugins → Add New, search for “broken link checker” it is from Janis Elsts.

Once you got it installed, it’s optional to change the general settings, which can be found in “Settings” → Link Checker.

Broken Link Checker Plugin.

I left all options by default.

Quick link to plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/broken-link-checker/

It is compatible with WordPress 3.0.1

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  1. says

    Hey Kimi,

    I’ve been trying to look for a plugin to find out where the broken links are on my website. Google webmaster keeps telling me that there is something broken but I can’t seem to find what it is. Hopefully this plugin helps

    Thx for posting this :)

    • says

      Hey Bryan,

      Well this plugin is a bit different than broken links notification in Google webmaster tools, because mostly in google webmaster tools, those are page error links.

      I hope you find this plugin useful, thanks for visiting :D

  2. shashank chinchli says

    till now i used to check in Google Webmaster links itself the broken links!
    this is a good plugin too helpful to webmasters!

  3. Adam Paudyal says

    Awesome tip…

    I could really use the plug-in to check the missing links.

    Thanks for the share Kimi.


  4. Suresh Khanal says

    I used this pluging when I was shifting ICT Trends from blogger platform. There were chances that lot fo links going out from my blog might be pointing to somewhere that does not exist.

    This plugin helps in another way as you will save yourself from linking to sites they are down. I prefered to simply remove the link in such cases.

  5. Sathish @ WPClubPremium says

    Hi Kimi, I was using a Separate paid tool for checking the broken links. Well, it seems I don’t need them now. Anyways, Thanks for sharing this useful information.