WordPress “Categories- Index Or Noindex?”

How to decide if you should or should not use index or noindex for your wordpress blog’s category page.

This seems to be a lot of confusion, and i was too, especially when you have to configure this settings with All in SEO pack plugin. But i have learnt each day and i compare my blog with higher rank or popular blog, how they index or they don’t index their categories.

So today i am going to share it with you, and i hope you really can understand when do you need to let search engines indexing your categories, and when you do need to use “noindex” option of All in One Seo Pack Plugin. If you want to save your time for it, you can get best SEO wordpress theme, Thesis, or Genesis, because they are already optimized, means you do not have to worry about “should i put index or no index for wordpress category”.

So first step is you have to check one of your post’s content. In this tutorial, i am using one of my post of this blog.

The post is Got problems after upgrading to wordpress 3.0. I check the content, and take a look in which category this post belong to.

Content of the post URL.

In this case, this post is under “wordpress tutorial” so i go click on that category and search for the same title. Check the content. (see image)

Content of the post in "Category" page.

With those two images above, one is the post URL, and the other one is in Category URL. Notice, the contents are different. If you have the same condition, then i strongly recommend to let your categories are indexing or use index.

But if you check between those two URL and they have same contents, then let your categories using noindex.

How can I have excerpt on my category page?

1. Check your theme, especially in archive.php file, look at the loop, and check if it’s containing this code: <?php the_excerpt();?>

2. Writing “excerpt” under post box is good habbit, although i know most of us often do not care about it.

In the video, i have looked how pearsonified.com, or problogger.net, to see if they also index their categories. And they do. Based on this fact, i also let my wordpress categories using index instead of noindex. If you have any questions or opinion, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

Video Tutorial:

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