WordPress Change “Home” Page

How to set up a page in wordpress 3.0 theme Twenty Ten to be a “home” tab, index page, front page or welcome static page of your blog.

I have made a video how to set up a page to your own page of older version of wordpress by editing header.php or more simple by editing reading settings.

But today i will guide you through how to change wordpress 3.0 page order to display front page as your welcome page or whatever page you choose that your wordpress blog will not really looking like a blog.

There are people who want to use wordpress as CMS.

If you use Twenty Ten, you probably notice that the “Home” tab is always labeled as “Home” unless you do this following tutorial or renaming this home tab label to something else.

In wordpress 3.0 it is so much easier because we do not have to edit some files. Having a front home index page can be done by doing following steps:

1. Create a page which you want to show in the front page of your wordpress blog. Admin page/Pages/Add New. Type in the title of your page and the content, click “Publish”. In this example, i created a “Welcome” page that will be my front page whenever people land on my wordpress blog.

2. Next step is we create another new page, to display our posts. In this example, i created a “News” page. So i typed in again the title but do not type any contents, just leave it empty and then hit “Publish” button.

3. Refresh your blog, you should see your page tabs in your navigation bar.

4. Next step is we go back to Admin/Settings/Reading.

5. In “Reading Settings” page we want to click “A static page(select below)
Front page: set it to “Welcome”
Posts page: set it to “News”.
Click “Save Changes”

5. Refresh your blog and you will still have “Home” tab staying there like a glue. And we don’t want that of course.

6. Next step is go back to Admin dashboard/Appearance/Menus. We are going to create menu. If you have many menus already set, click the “+” sign.

7. Menu Name: in this example, i typed in, “my custom menu”. Click “create Menu” Button.

8. Next, take a look at “Primary Navigation” in the left side, make sure our new “my custom menu” is set.

9. Scroll down until you find “Pages” box. Here, you can choose which pages you want to display, in this example i want to display all pages, so i tick all, or click “select all” link, click “Add to Menu” button.

10. Now in the right bar, you will see your pages are added. Drag and drop wich page you want to display as index page home or static page in the tab, in this case, i dragged and dropped “welcome” page above, and it will be in the first list. Followed by dragging the “About” Page under the “Welcome”. After you are done, click “Save Menu”

11. Refresh your blog, our final pages tabs should be perfect and displayed index page as our static page or welcome page as our “Home” tab.

Enjoy wordpress 3.0 default theme, i love it :)


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