WordPress “Change URL Settings” Breaks Dashboard

Unable to login or can’t login to your wordpress dashboard, because you changed URL settings, and your blog home page is broken. Usually it will have white blackground without style. This step by step tips is going to fix this dashboard error problem by resetting your wordpress URL in database.

This is common wordpress blog problem if you just changed in dashboard “Settings” then “General” URL settings. What can happen is your blog has white page without css style. And the worst, you can not login to your dashboard with the warning error messages.

I strongly recommend that you do quick database backup before following this Tutorial.

This post is going to fix login problems to your wordpress dashboard because URL changes, the common error message would be;

1. "Warning: is_writeable() [function.is-writable].."
2. "Warning: Cannot modify header information-.."

Here are the fix steps if you have this dashboard error problem:

1. Login to your cPanel, open phpMyAdmin. Choose the database you used to install wordpress.

2. If you are not sure which database you use (in case you have many databases) you may want to go to “File Manager” and open “wp-config.php” file, and see this line:
define ('DB_NAME', 'kimi_wp3db');

Obviously your database name is different than kimi_wp3db.

3. We are back to phpMyAdmin and select the database. Click the database and look for wp_options. You might have different table prefix but in this demo, it is in wpsammy_options.

4. After you click that table, navigate to the first line, “siteurl”. Click the pencil icon to edit.

5. Switch the URL to original URL. In this tutorial, i added “blog” in dashboard URL settings, so i delete “blog” folder name. It goes otherwise if you have original in yourdomain.com/wordpress, for example, then you must add /wordpress in the end.

Click “Go”.

6. Next step is to click the arrow button.  (see image).

8. Now, you will look for the 7th line, where it says “home”. Same as the previous method, click “pencil” icon to edit.

9. Do the same with step 6. Don’t forget to click “Go”.

10. If you done all the steps correctly, you should be able to fix your broken dashboard, by typing yourdomain.com/wp-admin in the browser.

Video Tutorial:

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