WordPress Copyright Footer- Display All Rights Reserved

Video tutorial how to display wordpress copyright footer and “All Rights Reserved” text.

If you are active on the Internet or blogging world, to be specific, you must notice that almost every blogs has this wordpress copyright footer sign.

Some themes have many link on their footer, this is why it is extremely important if you use free theme, you should installed it from your dashboard or reliable websites or get premium wordpress themes. (absolutely guaranteed that they are clean)

The reason is because your footer links can harm your site’s reputation, if the links are not relevant. If you download from wordpress theme sites, this is guaranteed that your theme is safe.

Some of these themes have already wordpress copyright footer display, some don’t.

Is it a must to have this wordpress copyright footer?

I have checked some big popular blogs, they do have wordpress copyright footer signs. Share your opinion about it, but i personally like to have it in my blog.

Especially these days, on the Internet, people can be quite nasty. I have spotted two blogs had my exact contents without my links, and they did remove them because i told them those are my works and copyrighted.

This copyright line is usually displaying blogname, copyright sign and “All Rights Reserved” texts.

WordPress Copyright Footer step by step video and tutorial:

I use twentyten for this demo, but you can use another themes as well, but backup file and see the footer.php contents code.

Video Tutorial:


1. Open up footer.php, you can find it in appearance → editor.

2. Look for this line of code:

<div id="site-info">
<a href="<?php echo home_url( '/' ) ?>" title="<?php echo esc_attr( get_bloginfo( 'name', 'display' ) ); ?>" rel="home">
<?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>
</div><!-- #site-info -->

I use notepad++ it is around line: 25-29. (see image)

wordpress copyright footer

Line 25-29 in notepad++

3. Add this line of code:

&copy; <?php echo date ('Y');?> All Rights Reserved.

after this line:

<?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>

Image after you add the code:

wordpress copyright footer code

Image after you add the code in step 3.

4. Paste all the codes from notepad++ to footer.php file, save the file, and refresh your blog.

It should show this end result image.

End result of this tutorial.

Thats how we display all rights reserved wordpress copyright footer text.

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