WordPress- Create Sitemap.xml

WordPress Tutorial about what is wordpress sitemap.xml and video guide how to create or set it up using WordPress google sitemap generator plugin.

After I have posted about what the must have plugins for your wordpress, today we are going to generate sitemap.xml for your blog with a plugin. This tutorial i made with wordpress 2.9.2 but you can of course, apply it to wordpress 3.0 since it is out already.
What is wordpress sitemap.xml?

It is a xml file that will be created by google sitemap generator plugin once you install and activate it to help Search engines to index your blog fastly and easily. It’s basically telling those search engines, to index your posts whenever you create and update them.

How to create wordpress sitemap.xml?
Here are the easy steps:

1. Type in “google xml” in Admin page/plugins/new/search box.
2. Install google sitemap generator from Arne Brachhold.
3. Once you activate it, navigate to Settings/XML-Sitemap.

4. Now it will say, you need to generate it. Click “Click here” button to create your first sitemap.xml file for your wordpress blog. Once you click that button, check your sitemap.xml. It has to be in: yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml

5. Basically you don’t need to change anything except these options:

  • Tick notify yahoo whenever you update your blog. For this, you need to create a key. Click “Request one here!” button if you don’t have one, and follow the instruction. Once you have the key, paste the key in the box.

  • Tick include categories and include archives if you want search engines to index them.
  • Set the priority settings as following image.

That’s it, you now help search engines to index your site easier, so that your visitors will find your blog:). See demo of my sitemap.xml.


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