WordPress Fix “Parse Error Functions.php”

How to fix if you have an error notification, which is usually “Parse error: syntax error..functions.php online..”, it is mostly happened if you add any codes to your functions.php in your wordpress dashboard.

So let’s say you just installed a plugin, and you followed the instruction to paste some codes in your functions.php file, and you added the code there, refreshing your browser, and suddenly you will get this following message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/webinternet/public_html/(my website)/wp-content/themes/youthemename/functions.php on line 450

First of all, do not be panic. I know whenever you can’t login to your dashboard and you will just see white screen with above error message, you will probably think your whole blog is broken. No it is not.

There are many ways to fix it, first alternative is, download fresh functions.php file of your theme, and upload it to your theme folder, second way, look for that line error code (in this example, it says line 450), and clean the code.

The error message will look like.

The latest way which is the easiest, especially for beginners is delete or rename theme folder. This tutorial is using this easiest and fastest way.

Steps to fix this error:

1. Go in to your cPanel, and then “File Manager” and navigate to where you installed wordpress. Let’s say you install it in the root, so go to the root and look for “wp-content”.

File manager icon.

wp-content folder.

2. Once you find this folder, look for your theme name, and rename or delete it. In this tutorial, i renamed it.

Rename the theme file.

This will switch your wordpress blog theme to the default theme.

I hope this will be a help if you ever encountered this similar problem, and it is always good if you want to modify something, backup your database and theme files to your computer.

Video tutorial:

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