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WordPress google ranking plugin — You need to optimise your blog first.

I am on the mood to share basic SEO tips based on my experience with this blog..

In a few months after i set up this wordpress blog, i installed some must have wordpress plugins, (not yet my best blog plugins lists) and then, i registered myself to three wordpress forums.

I started to comment, or answers some people questions which are related to wordpress.

Funny but i understand why, my answers were flagged as self-spamming at the end, and i was being careful back then.

From those forums, i was already so happy, that people from those forums started to visit this blog. It means traffic!

At the end, i realise about one thing: when i stop commenting on forums, none visits my site.. wordpress google ranking plugin was the solution.

Same with blog commenting, once i stop commenting, none visits my site.

I did not know that before promoting my blog everywhere, i should optimise my blog first. Either with free wordpress google ranking plugin or premium wordpress google ranking plugin.

Why i need wordpress google ranking plugin?

As i wrote above, my first month SEO experience with this blog, as soon as i was not active in forums or blog commentings, my traffic dropped almost 80%..

Because of this reasons i and you need wordpress google ranking plugin.

We need our blogs to be found by people, and not the other way around, we find people. Let people come to your blog themselves.

How? By search engine results page..

As soon as i realise, how important organic traffic was, i felt really different, i am now only active in ONE forum, and nothing else, i don’t even active in any social media websites..

I even tweet my post automatically via feedburner..

I still have more than thousand visitors a day. I feel i don’t have much time to run many blogs, and being active in social media as i am a mother of two small children.

This is why i use wordpress google ranking plugin and let people find my blog without me, promoting around..

What is my wordpress google ranking plugin?

Wordpress google ranking plugin

Almost 80% of my posts rank well in Google, they appear in the first or second page of Google. This is the secret of getting organic traffic.

Just like ourselves, people tend to click websites that are listed in the first, second or third page of Google, and not others.

They do even only look at the first page, if they already found the information they need. I would do it too, since it is more practical.

So it is hard to have a website on the first page, especially if our sites are new and having high competition (see my post about choosing good blog titles, to understand about high or low competition).

Also important to remember about new blogs, they can appear and disappear easily in Google search result pages.

I am using free wordpress google ranking plugin to add meta tag to wordpress posts, and to check, increase keyword density, i am using this best seo plugin as wordpress google ranking plugin.

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