WordPress install plugin — wp 3 plugin tutorial

WordPress install plugin, starting wordpress tutorial.

I have thought i did not need to create any video WordPress install plugin tutorial, but since i have seen many visitors who search for this keyword, so i decide to make one.

This basic tutorial is aimed for wordpress.org or selfhosted wordpress users, if you are in wordpress.com blog, please see my article why you don’t have plugins tab in your dashboard, in my adding widgets in wordpress.com free blog post.

Basically in that post, you can’t install plugins in wordpress.com.

WordPress install plugin; two steps and alternatives:

In my previous entry, which is how to upload multiple plugins at once in wordpress, i have showed that we can upload those plugins via cPanel.

But when you actually can upload plugins from your dashboard, as long us your plugins are in a single .zip file. I will show you later, in WordPress install plugin tutorial below.

So, there are two kinds of plugins that you can install in your dashboard, first, the one from wordpress plugins directory website, and the second, some plugins that you have downloaded from a website(be careful from where you download it) or paid plugins, such as membership plugin and wprobot.

WordPress install plugin video tutorial and guide.



1. You’re logged in to your admin page.

2. Appearance — Plugins — Add New

3. Here is the point which differs. If you want to install plugins from wordpress.org directory, then you can type “keyword” in the search box.

In the video WordPress install plugin tutorial below, i gave a demo, with “twitter”.

After i type twitter and hit search button, it will show me tons of twitter plugins. Choose carefully, and pay attention on the rating, if it is necessary, go to google to do some researches and review.

wordpress install plugin

Or the safest way, like i usually do, install wordpress locally mac or install wordpress locally windows and try it locally first before you try to your online blog, nothing to loose.

4. If you want to upload plugins that you saved in your desktops (it has to be in .zip files) then after the step 2, you would want to click “upload” link.

how to install wordpress plugin

I hope this wordpress install plugin tutorial is going to help.

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  1. raul says

    Hi Created my website with word press 3.0 by a professional
    but in the dashboard the appearance, plugins, settings tab is not showing up?
    I cannot find it

    • says

      Hi Raul,

      If it is new installed blog, I suggest you to re-install again..if it still does not work, ask the installer..

      This only will work with self-hosted wordpress.org, and not wordpress.com blog.

      I hope this helps..


  2. Vishnu says

    Hello Fren,

    I can’t install getpremise landingpages in wordpress 3.2.1
    Please assist me to fix the problems