WordPress keyword density plugin to analyze and check keyword

WordPress keyword density plugin — one of basic SEO practice

In today post, we will talk about WordPress keyword density plugin. Although I am not a SEO expert, I want to share my experience about using this plugin, that I also recommend it to you.

The posts that I wrote about SEO in blogging are usually written based on my goal to reach a good ranking with some targetting keywords about wordpress.

With more months to learn and experience about basic SEO, it actually is not just using SEO theme and configuring All in one SEO plugin, there is more than that. If you are newbie like myself a year ago, when you write a post, you just write and that’s the best practice.

However if you also want to optimize your article, it is also very important to analyze your keyword density in a post, using wordpress keyword density plugin is indeed a lot easier. I have posted video review on my best wordpress seo plugin post, as well as how to increase keyword density article.

In a post, we can check keyword density because it is actually how many times you actually repeat a specific keywords phrase you are targetting in one page or one post. Let’s take an example, we want to write about dog obedience guide.

So after you decide what keywords about this article, let’s say our main keywords is “dog obedience”. The keyword density is how often we insert this “dog obedience” keywords into our post. We can make variety and modify our content so that it has that “dog obedience” keyword density is ideal for search engine.

WordPress Keyword density plugin — what can this plugin help us?

With above example, we will have to check how many percent actually our keyword density. Too much or too low? You can barely tell without using this plugin. I would not be able to know my percentage either without this SEO plugin.

The ideal of keyword density varies from one search engine to another, but I can tell from the plugin, it would be around 2% until 5%. Not more than 10%. It would be too high.

A while back, I have posted about how important the h1 h2 heading tags in wordpress post. The post about the h1 as heading and h1 as a sub-heading.

In between those h1 h2 heading tags, you can insert your keywords and reach an ideal keyword density. To be more effective and fast, you can use wordpress keyword density plugin.

WordPress Keyword density plugin — How does it check the percentage?

The answer is of course, no. But it is really great help and useful. After you enter your main keyword, you should then see how this plugin analyze and check your percentage of the ratio.

wordpress keyword density plugin
The percentage will be green if it is acceptable.

If it is acceptable, it will show green numbers, when it is too high it shows red numbers, easy.

To rank on an article’s keywords, it also depends on the placement of keywords between h1 h2 heading tags in your post.

To achieve a good ranking of the post you wrote, besides of backlinking and keywords density we have talked just now, it is also very important that we have enough keywords between h1 h2 headings tags.

This wordpress keyword density plugin is not free, ( I have tried free plugins, but they don’t work like this plugin does) but I am sure it is worth it especially if you are serious on blogging or even want to make money.

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