WordPress Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer

WordPress Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer is one of the good ping plugin for preventing self-pinging of your WordPress blog.

One of great feature of WordPress blogging software is whenever you create a new post or an article in your blog, it will be automatically pinged.

See a complete guide on how to ping your wordpress post that i have made a few months ago.

Pinging can be a disaster, if we don’t do it properly. When you edit your blog post, and click “update” button, it will automatically ping again and you don’t know about it.

So imagine, you update your blog post a few times in a row, then your blog pings those servers repeatedly as well.

Result of doing this is getting your blog blacklisted from the ping servers.

One of the solution: WordPress Maxblogpress ping optimizer.

Why Maxblogpress ping Optimizer?


Because this plugin enables you to optimize the pinging, you can get it in wordpress maxblogpress ping optimizer.

Downside of Maxblogpress ping plugin:

Before you can get Maxblogpress, the site requires you to sign up before you download it. That’s why i don’t use it.

The other alternative is using cbnet ping optimizer, which you can download straight in your dashboard without submitting your email address.

I have never used wordpress maxblogpress ping optimizer personally, but it’s one of the alternative after cbnet ping plugin.

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