WordPress or blogger — which one is better?

WordPress or blogger similarity.

If you are new to blogging, you would want to have a blog that does not require you to learn html, css, and php languages.

For learning to blog, and a long term, then the choice will be for wordpress or blogger blogspot(provided by Google).

Once you are sure you want to migrate, you can then import blogger content to a sefhosted wordpress, it applies the same with moving wordpress.com to selfhosted blog.

WordPress.com free blog and blogger blogspot will be both able to rank nicely in search engines, it is just depending on you, how you optimise your site, both off page and on page SEO.

WordPress or blogger, blogger can be better.

If we are talking about wordpress.com free blog, once you build a blog, you may want to change your layout, either small or big modifications.

They do charge you for fee if you want to do this, but blogger blogspot does not. As long as you know a few html and css knowledge, blogger blogspot blog can be modified as you like.

The other part, wordpress.com won’t allow you to put some affiliate banners, adsense, chitika, or other adsense alternative that help you to monetize your blog. Blogger does allow you this.

For these reasons, if i would have to choose, wordpress or blogger, i would pick blogger, because blogger blogspot is better.

WordPress or blogger, why i choose wordpress.

wordpress or blogger

For free blogs, i would choose blogger, but at the end, i absolutely without doubt choose wordpress. And this is selfhosted wordpress that I am talking about.

Why should you choose selfhosted wordpress blog too?

Because with selfhosted wordpress, you will definitely have full control over your blog, it can be layout customization, your content, or your monetizing methods.

wordpress or blogger blogspot have too many restrictions, especially wordpress.com blogs. Blogger blogspots have terrible amount of people who stated that their blogs which they built for years are suspended without any suspension warnings.

Besides, in selfhosted wordpress, you can add plugins, widgets, any themes you like, and helpful support forum.

See my post about why you can’t install plugin in wordpress.com free blog, good cheap hosting to install wordpress (seflhosted) that makes your blogging effort worthy.

Blogspot is sort of outdated nowadays to be honest, even Matt Cutts from Google installed wordpress for his blog! WordPress or blogger? which one do you choose?

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