wordpress page no sidebar — WordPress 3.0.1 Tutorial

How to create wordpress page no sidebar video tutorial.

When you build a wordpress website, you will want to choose the look of it. Either you want to make it look like a blog or a static website.

Because wordpress has lots of awesome features, those goals can be achieved very easy, which can be done in your wordpress dashboard.

One of them is creating a wordpress page no sidebar.

WordPress page no sidebar, why do you need it?

As i wrote a post about how you can use wordpress to build websites, by changing your page order or navigation menu on the top of your website’s page, you may also want to have a wordpress page no sidebar.

What it will do, is disabling sidebar on a specific page. It is extremely useful if you want to catch more attention from your visitors or readers.

Especially if you run a business website or blog, or an affiliate marketing, i have read an article which says, minimize some unimportant distractions on your landing page, it can increase your sales. It does make sense.

If you want to sell something, you would want to let your readers read what you offer, without any disturbance.

Demo of WordPress page no sidebar? See demo on my “free services” page. In that page, i disable ads, sidebar, and google AdSense, it is the cleanest page i have i know:D

Screenshot of the tutorial result:

wordpress page no sidebar
Demo using Twenty Ten theme.

Video creating a wordpress page no sidebar tutorial and step by step guide.

The result will be depending on your wordpress theme template, to have it done, you should know a bit of php and wordpress theme hierarchies. Or if you want this wordpress understanding php code from rockable press ebook is also useful.

Some useful posts to be references before you follow this tutorial;

– How to create a welcome page, or how to change home page.
– How to change page order wordpress.
– How to create wordpress 3 dropdown menu

In this demo i will use Twenty Ten, wordpress 3.0.1 default theme.

So let’s begin!

Video tutorial:


1. Create the page. It can be welcome page, or sales page, anything.

2. After you create the page, the most important options which you should pay attention are in “page attribute” tab on your right sidebar of dashboard.

There should be, “parent” option, to make drop down menu, see more how to create wordpress 3 drop down menu post.

and then “Template”. Because Twenty Ten supports a custom template with no sidebar, you will be able to choose between, default, and “one column no sidebar”. Choose one column no sidebar option. (see image..)

wordpress page no sidebar
Page attributes → Parent → Template → One column, no sidebar.

3. Publish the page. You should have a wordpress page no sidebar.

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    • says


      Other themes should be able to get a no sidebar page, if you know the hierarchy of the theme.

      If you use the free theme, i recommend to contact the theme creator or learn the code inside to modify them.

      If you use premium, example, Thesis, it has an option like in Twenty Ten, so its also 200% easy to apply a page which has no sidebar.

      GOod luck.