WordPress Posts Stored In Webserver Database

Where you can find all of your blog’s post in wordpress database of your webserver/webhost via phpMyAdmin.

There are some cases, that suddenly your posts are all gone from your site. If it happens to you, then there is away to check in the wordpress database if they are still there (i hope so!).

This tutorial will guide finding your posts in database, here are the steps:

1. Sign in into your cPanel.
2. Click phpMyAdmin icon.

PhpMyAdmin icon.

3. Choose the database, if you are not sure, open up wp-config.php to find out the database name.

4. Look for wp_posts, if you have another table prefix, it is then in yourtableprefix_posts.


5. You will see the lists of your post complete with the date where they are publish it.

If your posts are stored, it’s possible to restore your wordpress blog posts back again.

Video Tutorial:

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