WordPress Privacy Policy Plugin For WordPress Blog

How to use create Privacy Policy page on your website or wordpress blog using wordpress privacy policy plugin.

If you have a website, it is very common that you should add a privacy policy page you can either do it manually or using privacy policy plugin, if you use WordPress.

Especially if you want to monetize your blog using Google Adsense, this page is a must. Otherwise, your account can be terminated.

If you scroll down to my footer, you will see my privace policy page, so you will see the live demo of this tutorial.

You can actually add this without using any privacy policy plugins, look for a website which has the similar page, and modify a bit.

Use WordPress easy privacy policy plugin.

In this tutorial, we are going to use a privacy policy plugin created by Kevin Sparrow, that you can download from dashboard or WordPress plugin site.

How to install this easy privacy policy plugin?

Let’s begin, it is very simple!

1. In your WordPress dashboard → Plugins → Add New.

2. Type in “easy privacy policy” then click search.
It should be the first of the lists.

3. Click install now, and then activate it.

4. Go to Settings → Easy Privacy Policy.

5. You can modify all the options if you like, but the most important is, you change your email address a bit. This is because, we want to prevent spam bots detects any email addresses in our sites, and send us junk emails or spams.

Example: youremail@email.com → changed to: youremail [at] email.com

wordpress privacy policy plugin

Changing email text.

Video Tutorial:

I personally deactivate and delete this easy wordpress privacy policy plugin after the page is created.

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