WordPress random ads plugin rotating wordpress ads widget

WordPress random ads plugin makes your advertisements widgets rotated.

Some days ago, after i added 125×125 widgets in wordpress, i wanted to have them rotated.

With wp125 plugin, you can achieve it, but sometimes, one ad is displayed twice all at once, of course i don’t want it.

Plus, if you use Twenty Ten theme which has a bit tiny sidebar’s width, you may want to have only one ads in one column.

WordPress random ads plugin can make this work done easily.

I recently do not use wordpress random ads plugin in this blog, but i might add it if i have time, plus i have to experience the result first..

I will show you how with step by step guide and a video tutorial to use wordpress random ads plugin for displaying rotating ads widgets today.

Please please, if you find it useful spread the post via your facebook or twitter account, or link to this post in your blog, i would really appreciate it!

To use this wordpress random ads plugin, you have to do these preparations.

Having random rotating widgets in your blog give you advantages and disadvantages.

Here is my opinion with the advantages of wordpress random ads plugin:

This wordpress random ads plugin will make your blog cleaner and more organized about the advertisement placement, because you do not need to display all of them.

So basically, you just display one advertisement, but rotating differently.

The disadvantage of wordpress random ads plugin:

This wordpress random ads plugin will possibly make your sales stats go down..I mean when an advertisement displayed and rotated, people can’t choose what they want to buy, because they can’t see the other advertisements.

Unless they refresh your pages several times, so that they can see all of your ads which are rotated and randomised.

However this is my opinion without any experience and facts, so not sure if this will make your sales less.

Preparation before you follow the tutorial is very obvious, prepare your affiliate link and images.

In this demo of using wordpress random ads plugin, i use Shareasale affiliate network, which is great, because it has a great support and it is related to wordpress blog, my blog niche.

In the wordpress random ads plugin tutorial, i use three links, and three images. (if you upload the image, don’t forget to optimize images first to compress the size).

After you collect all those datas, you can follow the steps.

I am using Twenty Ten theme, and it should be able to be applied in your theme which has single.php to display in the post page.

If you are using Thesis, i will make another tutorial sometimes soon.

How to use WordPress random ads plugin to create rotating ad widgets steps.

Video tutorial:


1. In the admin page, go to Plugins → Add New. (see more detailed wordpress install plugin tutorial, and my best blog plugins list).

2. Type “Datafeedr” plugin in the search box.

3. Install this wordpress random ads plugin and activate it.

4. Once it is installed, go to “Tools” and then, “Datafeedr Random Ads” plugin option, click that link.

5. You should see, “there are no ad groups” text, click “create a new group” link.

6. You can name the group anything you like.
“Before ad” means, the wording before the ads will be displayed, if you would type “Advertisements” in there, then the word “Advertisements” will display first before your ads.
“After ad” it is the opposite of before ad explanation above.

7. The most important part : “Ads box”.
Enter your advertisements code one by one.

8. Once you are ready, click “Save ad group”.

9. This will make the wordpress random ads plugin generates a php code to display your rotating ads in your wordpress blog if we edit the theme file.
The code will look more and less like this:

<?php if (function_exists('dfrads')) { echo dfrads('4962020'); } ?>

and if you want to wrap the text around this apply this div style:

<div style="float:left; margin:10px 5px 0 0;">
<?php if (function_exists('dfrads')) { echo dfrads('4962020'); } ?>
</div><!--random ads style--!>

10. Copy the codes.

11. Go to Appearance → Editor → Find single.php file.

12. Paste the code on step (9) , after this code:

<?php twentyten_posted_on(); ?>
</div><!-- .entry-meta -->
<div class="entry-content">

see image:

wordpress random ads plugin
Where you should paste the code of wordpress random ads plugin.

13. Update file.

14. Refresh your blog post page, and refresh again to see the result of this wordpress random ads plugin.

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  1. LittleMowgli says

    Hi, it’s just the widget I needed to, thanx ;) Unfortunately, I tried to set it up through my WP3 on local server, and the “Add box” bouton doesn’t work. Any idea?

    • says

      Hi there,

      It should not be a problem, i used this for some local wp blogs and all works fine.

      Must be your local server problem..

    • says

      If it has a link, or image source, it must work.

      Google adsense works too. But i have never tried it with CPM networks though..

    • says

      Thanks rohan..

      I have actually implement this tip without using plugin with an easy way, getting the HTML code from the page source and then apply the css..

      Might create a tutorial about it in the future.

      Thanks for this great idea!

  2. wayne says

    i played wordpress a few days ago and dont know about it much.
    im very lucky found your website.
    you help me a lot.
    thank you,its a good website.