WordPress “Reading Settings”

How to configure or set up your wordpress reading settings in the dashboard properly.

Reading settings of your wordpress blog is very important because it really can change the look of your blog, and it gives you flexibility to modify your wordpress to show which page you want to display in the front, or even how many posts you want to have in your post page.

So after i have made a video and wrote article about what to do after installing wordpress, today we are going to dig more reading settings in wordpress.

I seperate this from that post, because it needs more attention and really depending what your blog’s niche is, business, or personal.

So here is how i set up “reading settings” wordpress:

1. In your dashboard, navigate to Settings, and select “Reading”.

2. In “Reading Settings” page, for “Front page displays”, choose whether you want to display all your latest posts in the front or choosing a static page. See more about setting up your wordpress front page here.

In this demo, i chose “your latest post” option by ticking it.

3. “Blog pages show at most”. This option enables you about “how many” posts you want to display in the front page of your wordpress blog. I leave it as default, which is “10” posts. Some people will have 20, 30 or even 5 posts. It’s really up to you.

4. “Syndication feeds show the most recent”, this options is for your RSS feed. By default, your rss feed will show 10 items or posts, you can type in 5 or any number your like, i chose 2 items.

5. “For each article in a feed, show” option. If you choose “ful text”, your feed will display full content of your post. Personally i pick “summary” because i want my reader to read the rest of my content in my blog (traffics tactics :))

6. Encoding for pages and feeds, i leave it as default, which is UTF-8.

7. Click “Save Changes”.

That’s how i set up reading settings in my wordpress blog, have you set it up differently? :)

Video Tutorial:

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