WordPress Rss Feed Specific Categories

Setting up your rss feed for specific category.

This will enable your visitors to subscribe only from one specific of your wordpress blog. I think this is really great idea. Imagine, your subscriber will receive all of your new posts everytime you write an article and they might be not interested on them, quite annoying for some!

It can be easily done with only adding “/feed” on the end of category’s url.

So for example you have category A, then the feed address will be : “yourdomain.com/category/categoryA/feed” it will apply to subcategory too.

What we will use in this video:
1. Feedburner account. If you still haven’t burnt your rss, you may want to check my other video.

At the end you will be able to put email subscription forms based on category in your sidebar, which i personally would not choose. If you don’t like to have many email forms in your sidebar, we will use plugins to offer our visitors a specific category subscription.

Plugin we will use:
1. Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

I hope it will be useful!

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