WordPress- Set Up All In One SEO Pack Configuration Tutorial

WordPress tutorial how to set up or configure all in one seo pack wordpress plugin option settings for your blog and for your blog post.

After i posted the best wordpress plugins or widgets, and how to activate your akismet api key tutorial, today this post will digg more on how to set up all in one seo wordpress plugin.

There are tons of seo plugin for your wordpress blog. Either free or paid version, but to me, all in one seo pack is the best, and very easy to use.

All in one seo pack, is the most important plugin i activate right after installing wordpress. To configure the settings, we should not be confused between, configuring for our blogs in general, and configuring the option settings for the post, as they are completely different.

Note: If you are using Twenty Ten theme of wordpress 3.0 you may want to check this tutorial first before you follow these steps.

If you want to use theme that already SEO optimized so that it does not need to use any SEO plugins, you can try The Thesis Theme for WordPress

For blog settings, here are the steps once you activate it:
1. Admin dashboard/Settings/All in One SEO.

2. Plugin Status: Enabled.

3. Home Title: Basically the same as your blog title which can be found in Admin/Settings/General/Blog title.

4. Home description: Describe your what your blog about, but not too long.

5. Home keywords: Type in your keywords and it should be done after you doing some researches, find more how to do keywords researches here.

6. Post Title Format: Delete the | %blog_title%

7. Page Title Format: Delete the | %blog_title%

8. Category Title Format: Delete the | %blog_title%

Steps 6 until 8 it is optional, you can leave it as default, especially when your blog title contains keywords. (see this comment)

9. Untick “Use no index for Categories. Except if you have a few wordpress posts, then you may want to consider ticking this option. Whenever you write a post, writing excerpt is a good idea too, because it’s avoiding duplicate content if we set to index our categories.

See more in this post about when you need to use index or noindex in WordPress category. If you are not sure, “untick it” or feel free to contact me.

10. Tick “Use noindex for Tag Archives.

11. The end, but very important, click “Update Options” button.

Now setting up all in seo pack configuration settings whenever you create your post:

1. Scroll down, all in seo pack is in the bottom of your post’s page.
Title: Copy and paste the title of your post.
Description: Copy and paste the first line of your post, usually rich keywords line, so when people read your decsription in google, they will click your post.(it is also said, maximum 160 characters, not too long, else it will be cutted in Google search result page)
Keywords: your post keywords. If you need a guide how to choose keywords, you may want to see more here.


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