WordPress- Show Only Summary In Rss Feed

How to diplay only summary of articles in wordpress rss feed and not your full content.

Enabling your feed to be accessed by your visitors and other feed readers are really worthy for your wordpress blog traffics.

However one thing i notice when you display full content of your articles in feed, this visitors will read all of it in your feed but not in your website. I personally want that my subscriber read all my posts in my website, and not in my feed.

This tip will guide you how to display only summary of your post in your wordpress rss feed, and not the whole post article. Two steps to get it done.

1. “summary” is checked in your admin dashboard, see image.

If this works, then you’re done. But there are times when it doesn’t work this way, trust me, because it is my own experience after changing theme, checking that option didn’t help, and it shown the full content in my feed, if it also happens to you, there is one more settings to be done, which is can be found in your feedburner account.

2. Choose your feed, and look for “optimize” tab, scroll down to find “summary burner” click this and type in length of the words you want to display in your wordpress rss feed.And click “save”.

So from now on, only your article summary will be displayed in rss feed.

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  1. says

    Informative post!
    I think it’s great that you not only solved the problem but then wrote a post to help others. If the world had more people like you, it would be a better place. :)


    • says

      @CJ, Thank you very much for your encouraging comment! Yes, i want to help others based on my experience mostly :) Especially for those who are not too technical just like me, and also a newbie in wordpress :)

  2. says

    hi there. i use a widget to display a link for rss in my right sidebar. is there a way to make that link into a summary? or is there a better way to create an rss feed in the dashboard? thanks.

  3. says

    Hi Kimi,
    Sanjiv again. I check out the link you gave me and got my summary settings right, in my RSS. Thank you for that great info. But there is one thing Kimi. Hope you can help me set it right. After the summary of the post, the related posts are being displayed also. And ” for more go to my website” does not appear, though I typed and saved in the box.
    I went to the YARPP plugin setting and unchecked the boxes of the RSS feed there, but the related posts persist in the RSS. Can you advise me on that one?

    • says


      I have used YARPP plugin, but now not anymore, sorry i can’t help you on this.

      Try to ask in wordpress forum.

      Good luck!

  4. says

    I’ve searched everywhere. I’ve selected “summary” in my WordPress Admin “reading”>>. I’ve selected summary in my Feedburner acct>>Optimize>>and set number to 200. Still—–

    My Feedburner by email will not send summary! It sends title of post only, that is clickable of course. But I’d like to have a summary. I’m using Genesis framework, and have checked Genesis settings that rss feed is redirected to feedburner. The subscribe to RSS feed works correctly with summary–but the email subscriptions get no such summary.

    Any ideas for what may be wrong. I’m stumped on this one–

    Thanks for any help–

    • says

      Hi Sandy,

      I guess you did all great, but I have to ask, do you also type in something in “excerpt” under the post box?

      If you don’t type something in that excerpt, then the feed will only display post title.

      I hope this helps.