WordPress tag cloud – are wordpress tags good for SEO?

WordPress tag cloud — overall in SEO

WordPress blogs tend to be able to rank high in Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo, and others.

This is due to the wordpress SEO plugin that you can use for free, and they are always up-to-date. Though they are also very good SEO premium plugin that free ones can’t do, for example besides free SEO plugin, i also use this best SEO plugin.

Let’s mention, All in One SEO Pack (related: configure All In One SEO), robots meta, and other SEO plugins you probably use, they are empowering your blog to get the most of it for gaining visitors.

Apart of using plugins, wordpress itself is already loved by Google as a blogging software. More and more people use this software to build and start their blog or even business website, by using wordpress as a non-blog website.

Very easy to use, and you have so many options inside your dashboard that you can use to change a very plain new installed wordpress blog to a more advanced blog. One example, you can use wordpress tag cloud to show your readers which tags are mostly have the posts, and which not..

WordPress tag cloud — the journey of using wordpress tags in this blog

If you are my regular reader, you probably will notice, few months ago, i did not use wordpress tag cloud widget.

And then i placed my wordpress tag cloud in my sidebar for a few days, and then removed it again. Why did i do that?

At that time, i have checked my stats, especially in Google Analytics, what links do my visitors tend to click in my blog?

By testing and analyzing, i have come to conclusion, that my site is actually confusing for a new comer which wants to read or watch wordpress video tutorial ONLY.

As you may notice, i mixed my contents, there are technology, windows tips, and wordpress itself, it is hard to find out where they should start.

Of course, i encourage them to see my “starting wordpress” category, but in that category page, it is also hard to find, for example, only posts which are related to “twenty ten theme“.

So wordpress tag cloud has been very useful for my readers since i have it in my sidebar again.

wordpress tag cloud

wordpress tag cloud in my sidebar

WordPress tag cloud — is it useful? is it good for SEO?

The answer is a big YES.

To me my wordpress tag cloud is very useful for my readers. For SEO, i set them to “nofollow” and make sure you have excerpt only or post summary in your category page if you give them to “index” and “follow”.

See more about category wordpress, index or noindex?. Or the better solution, use Thesis theme, without worrying this nofollow or noindex thingy.

If you click on my category pages, you will just see the title on my page, and no content even. It avoids Google bot or other search engine bots to be confused indexing your site, due to the “similar” content if you don’t use excerpt.

WordPress tag cloud has been very useful to me, how about you?

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