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WordPress Tutorial PDF – My first E-book

//Udate: This ebook pdf is included in 60 video tutorials wordpress 3+ here.

Finally, after a few months I wanted to finalize my E-Book, now I finally have written all I want from this blog, especially installation wordpress tutorial pdf file.

After confused about the lists of the posts that I include in this file, I have done all and wrote the list I would like to add in my ebook.

Seeing so many people publish their ebooks, did not really make me writing this ebook. One of many reasons, my English grammar is not too good, plus, I don’t really have time for it.

Though I know creating an e-book is very easy, but I really did not plan to write one.

The main and essential reason why I write this ebook, is, because on this blog, it is very hard for people to find my wordpress tutorials as they want, because it is all mixed with another topics.

Because I am still thinking about my main topic which is wordpress, therefore, I created this wordpress tutorial pdf file.

wordpress tutorial pdf

It took me about a year to finalize it, because I have never been so serious about it. Until this blog finally grows, and I notice lots of wordpress related forums link to some of my posts, so I thought, my posts are a little bit useful for some people, so I guess to create a pdf would be great.

Though I have seen people actually selling wordpress video tutorials in a bundle or something for above $30 or even membership fee, but I guess It is fine for me to offer it for you only for $9

What are the content of this WordPress tutorial PDF?

The main content is actually how to install wordpress 3.1 as the latest version. It is actually simple, nothing fancy or complicated. But having a fancy ebook was really not my goal of writing this ebook.

I want something to make my older posts to be easier to find. Because I, myself sometimes also look for my other tutorials, especially the olders, for building my other blogs.

And this is my blog, that’s why I know where they approximentally are, but for my readers and visitors, that probably a little hard to do, browsing in my sitemap page, which is also mixed with other topic posts.

So the content is actually, about step by step on installing wordpress 3.1 in pdf file, step by step wordpress guide pdf, and then below the installation process, I have listed all my wordpress posts only.

So starting from wordpress, most of my “wordpress” posts and articles which are including the videos, until the basic SEO.

WordPress Tutorial PDF Structure

So let us take a look closer of this ebook, before you download it.

WordPress tutorial PDF structure:

1. Step by step guide wp 3.1 installation

2. Starting wordpress tutorial lists.

3. WordPress Basic SEO lists.

4. WordPress Comments and Spam protection.

5. Modifying Twenty Ten theme lists.

6. Blog monetization and plugin

7. Useful Plugin lists

8. Adding functionalities without plugin

9. If you have some errors

10. Backup and Security guide.

If you would like to have it please feel free to download this wordpress tutorial pdf or ebook for only $9 from this link, thank you.

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    my pages are not shows on site and how to remove the automatic post comment part from all the pages