WordPress Upgrade 2.7+ to 3.0.1 Tutorial

How we can upgrade our wordpress blog from older version (apply to wp 2.7,2.8,2.9) to the latest version 3.0.1

Actually, it can be done very easy and self explanatory because whenever you login to your dashboard, it will notify you whether you have the recent version or still the old version.

There will be “please update now” notification in your wordpress blog’s dashboard. See image.

Upgrading wordpress notification.

If you have this message, it means the newest version of wordpress is released, and you can upgrade your wordpress. I personally would always upgrade my wordpress blog, because for sure, it is way better on security reasons or stability reasons.

However it is strongly recommended that you backup and save your database first before upgrading. Also deactivating all plugins may really be useful since lots of people had troubles upgrading, caused by their never-updated plugins.

I don’t use many plugins, so i usually do not deactivate them, just backing up database is a must. Who knows what will happen, i still have database backup that i can import whenever it fails. Note: backing up wp-content folder is a really good idea too because all of our uploaded pictures are saved there. See how i backup wp-content folder here.

Once you prepared and did backup, you can then start to upgrade your wordpress:

1. Login to your dashboard, you will see “please update now” link button in the top of your dashboard screen. (shown as image above)

2. Click that link, and a recomendation to “backup database and files” message shows up.

3. I assume you already backed up the database and wp-content folder, now you can click “ugrade automatically” button.

backup database and files reminder.

3. If it’s done and succeed, it will show: “WordPress upgraded successfully”.

Successful message.

So that’s it, you are now running the latest version of wordpress!

Video Tutorial:

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