WordPress Version 3.0 Is Released

WordPress version 3.0 is out or released on June 18th (Europe time) and i did successfully upgrade.

I remember to back up everything before clicking “Please update now” button.

And i was so happy that my blog was upgraded successfully and all works fine. This is because i have read in many forums, people have problems after upgrading their wordpress blog.

Screenshot before upgrading

So i thought i will try my wordpress 3.0 if i still can post something :) I plan to update some of my video tutorials to be wordpress 3 video tutorials. Including installations as well.

Five different stuff which show me new features of wordpress 3.0 after upgrade.

  • I miss the “Visit Site” button.
"visit site" button is gone after upgrade!
  • I miss the red number whenever there is a pending comment held for moderation.It has black color now.
black font color for pending comment
  • “Edit” post is missing from my admin posts drop down menu.
"edit" button is not there anymore
  • New button which says “Get Shortlink” whenever i want to post an article.
New "Get Shortlink" button
  • “Set thumbnail” becomes “Featured Image”. Watch the video here how we set up set featured image to add thumbnail in wordpress 3.0 with twentyten default theme.
"Featured Image"

So there were new features of wordpress 3.0 that i notice after i upgrade my blog. I am quite happy with it, but still need to get used to the new color of workspace. One thing i really like for sure is it runs much faster!.  Did you do upgrade? What do you notice it is new on your upgraded blog?

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