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WordPress video tutorials for free i have offered in this blog.

Welcome if you are new to this blog, and welcome back if you are my regular reader or even my subscriber.

As you may notice, i have offered wordpress video tutorials for FREE since i built this blog in January 2010. I mean, you can access them without entering your email address or something like that.

The small problems with my wordpress video tutorials.

Since i have posted more than 200 posts in this blog, and they are mixed between any other categories, it is hard for you to find the steps, i mean from installation to the next steps.

My wordpress video tutorials are totally random tips that you can find in sitemap page, however it is confusing for beginners what to learn first.

I have realised this problem, and it is hard for me to put them in steps all together because they are mostly small tips which are always updated.

Better alternative to my wordpress video tutorials.

wordpress video tutorialsHave you ever thought to have clear steps wordpress video tutorials that can teach you wordpress from step A to step Z?

You can learn the videos step 1, step 2, until end step with wordpress video tutorials that are totally easy to follow for beginners.

I found this wordpress video tutorials library to help beginners learn wordpress very quick is amazing.

Of course, i still hope that you are still going to visit this blog which always comes with new wordpress video tutorials.

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