WordPress- “You Are Here” Above Posts

How to get better navigation on your wordpress blog using breadcrumbs that will display “You are here” “home” “category” “post name”

Most of bloggers want to give their readers the best of their blogs, including finding a way to get their blogs easier to navigate in all pages. They may do it by creating sitemap page, having some widgets with the list of their posts, or even displaying breadcrumbs.

I did not even know what breadcrumbs navigation was. Until i answered a question in yahoo answer page, one of the previous answers mentioned breadcrumbs is the most important plugin other than All In SEO, or and sitemap generator. I don’t agree with this, because i can run wordpress without breadcrumbs.

However, i recommend that you also get this breadcrumbs navigation in your blog to enable your visitors to know, what page they are viewing because in WordPress, it has many hirarchies, from home page, single page(post page), category, archives, etc.

One of the example, if you notice in my blog, i have a navigation in every page of my posts. This navigation is above the post title (see image).

My breadcrumb navigation.

To get this navigation, there are many available plugins, but my favorite is Yoast, you can install “Yoast Breadcrumbs” plugin, and it will give you the same result as mine.

Be sure it is Yoast Breadcrumbs

In this blog, i removed the plugin to reduce plugins usage, and decide to add code myself. But i have used Yoast Breadcrumbs for months, and i recommend this if you do not want to edit or add any codes.

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  1. shashank chinchli says

    Hey where is the code for Yoast Breadcrumbs replacement…
    really i too want to put it in my bloG:)

  2. Suresh Khanal says

    Breadcrumbs can help visitors to navigate through. But using them I feel the blog behaving like forums, might be because I saw them used on forums most often. Let me see if it worth to add.

    • says

      ahaha, yes, you are right some forums uses it.

      But it is really nice to help our visitors to know which page they are viewing, thank you for the comments!


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