WP 3.3 Beta 2 is Tested – Changes From Beta 1

WP 3.3 Beta 2 is released to be tested

It feels not too long ago, I downloaded WordPress 3.3 beta 1 and tried it in my offline wordpress blog, and a few days ago, the WP 3.3 beta 2 is released and can be downloaded by everyone, including you.

The beta 1 was already amazing and I really like the improvements that our wp developers has worked hard on the new features such as the new Admin pointers, drag and drop media uploader, etc..

If you have not installed the first development version, it is actually not bad, because eventhough you have not tested it yourself, I have posted everything about the first beta in this wordpress 3.3 beta 1 post.

I also included some screenshots to peek a bit about the new nice and fast user interface from the admin dashboard.

Some changes from Beta 1 in WP 3.3 Beta 2

Although it was a bit hassle to compare the two betas files, but I was really curious about the difference.

What I meant by hassle is, because I only had one offline blog in my laptop and to compare two blogs, I have to install, uninstall, and re-install back and forth these new betas version.

I was toooooooooooo sleepy to install two blogs and compare them, but obviously I should have installed them in separate blogs to save time..

However I did really enjoy the comparison and made a few screenshots of some changes that I have personally noticed.

Here are the changes in this new WP 3.3 beta 2 version;

1. The Admin Pointer is placed in a “nicer” and more proper place.

To compare them, here is the new Admin pointer in the beta 1

wp 3.3 beta 2
The Admin Pointer in beta 1

As you can see this pointer seemed to be randomly place, and the pointer refers to random black space of the admin bar. (related: disable admin bar).

Now here is the new placement of the admin pointer which is pointing to “Help” tab of admin’s bar.

wp 3.3 beta 2
The better placement under "help" tab

If you compare it, it is now placed in so much better position than the beta 1.

2. Now we move to the second changes, the color of blue theme of your profile is improved.

Screenshot of the arrow of flyout menu a few weeks ago (see the red highlighted image)

wordpress 3.3 beta 2
The deep blue color is red highlighted

The new blue theme (also red highlighted)

wordpress 3.3 beta 2
The more appealing color

Somehow, in my personal taste the look of the new blue theme of my profile looks more appealing.

Those are some changes I have experienced, and I do really miss one thing.

Actually in this screenshot, I am on my post editor, and in older version, when I click “Plugins” tab from the left admin’s sidebar, I would see the options which are now in fly out menu.

Now, I am not able to see the whole plugins options, unless I have to click the flyout menu’s options, and this then will open a new window in my browser, which I personally think, not necessary, I just wanted to see the plugins’s tab option other than in flyout menu.

But I may be soon used to it, and will not miss those links, we shall see :)

Other new changes of WP 3.3 Beta 2

The two changes I have mentioned above are not the only changes the developers made, but there are also several unmentioned changes.

If you want to see the other changes, including browser bug, and so on, you can see in this new release announcement page.

Or even better, you can install wordpress offline on your Mac or windows locally, and see those new tweaks yourself.

This page is to download the WP 3.3 beta 2 which comes from official wordpress download page.

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