Wp Robot 3.30 New Features and Discount Code

Wp Robot 3.30 is the best autoblog plugin i have ever had.

I have bought wp robot 3 a few months ago, after working with my client’s site, which has wp robot 3 installed.

It is really great autoblog plugin that is worth the money you spend. The cost is quite pricey, but with the complete features, you will be satisified. I am a satisfied customer so far.

Yes, i did not even think to buy wp robot a few months ago, but since i can monetize this blog, i start to be able to buy some premium plugins and Thesis theme without spending money from my private saving.

I have just received an update email from wprobot.net that wp robot 3.30 is out with cool new features.

Wp Robot 3.30 has an amazing support forum and support customer service.

I have once had a question about this plugin’s update (wp robot 3.30 now), so i have write what my question was in the support forum, and in the next two hours, the creator himself answered it.

I have never had an error with wp robot so far, so my question was about the new coming new features and those stuff.

Wp Robot 3.30 New Features.

wp robot 3.30 new features

wp robot 3.30

New features, shareasales datafeed, the best spinner, UCG rewriter.

Wp Robot is known as the best autoblog plugin, if you have ever tried it, you would love it as i do.

Apart of having features to grab content from YouTube (comments included), Yahoo Answers (comments included), Amazon, Article directories, CJ, ShopZilla, iTunes, and so much more, with the new features, which is wp robot 3.30 you will be able to grab feed from shareasales.com, reviews of amazon site will be included in your posts.

Wp Robot, newest version also enables you to use the best spinner but you have to pay for it, it is quite costly. My favourite, is with this new version, we can put amazon reviews on the content, means autoblog will have more contents too.

Curious to try wp robot before your buy? don’t worry, you can try and own the trial demo version of wp robot 3.30.

If you are interested to buy, which i believe you will do, after trying, use this coupon code: GETWPROBOT to get discount of wp robot 3.30!

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