Wp robot alternative, cheaper autoblog plugin wordpress

People look for cheaper wp robot alternative, cheaper autoblogging plugin.

In a forum, i have noticed tons of people are interested in autoblogging, i can understand it. But still, wp robot is still very expensive for those who are just starting a blog. So i can understand why they do look for wp robot alternative.

I also recommend, get this plugin from the money that you earn from your blog, just like myself.

Investing a plugin which costs more than 100$ is a lot, i remember when i was new with this blog too. If you earn more money with Google Adsense (see how to add adsense to your sidebar), you can probably spend one month earning for wp robot, it’s worth it, trust me.

Autoblogged is the best Wp robot alternative i have found.

Yes, this autoblog plugin i choose and recommend as wp robot alternative, because it costs half than wp robot, and also have almost similar features.

Autoblogged, autoblog plugin has been around for years, and it is the second most popular plugin for autoblog that you can use.

Though, i still recommend wp robot, (as it is the best autoblog plugin so far) that its price is double, but it has tons of features that other autoblog plugins do not have. (i will explain below).

You can save the money first to get wprobot, but if you can’t wait, then Autoblogged is the best wp robot alternative.

Wp robot vs Autoblogged, wp robot alternative.

The difference is quite big, indeed “you get what you invest” saying is true, in this case.

Some difference between wp robot and autoblogged:

1. wp robot can pull content from Yahoo Answers, YouTube, including the comments. Comments in autoblog are very important because Google like blog post which has rich contents, means, more words, more content.

Autoblogged can pull only the content, and not the comments.

2. wp robot can pull contents from amazon, including the prices, cloacking features, the review (which is a content as well) and Autoblogged can’t pull the content from amazon.

Here are the screenshot of wprobot and Autoblogged

wp robot alternative

wp robot screenshot

wp robot alternative

Autoblogged screenshot — image from autoblogged.

My recommendation? Get wp robot (don’t forget to use the coupon code: GETWPROBOT) if you are serious into autoblogging as it has tons of features, but if you prefer the cheaper one, less features, you can get autoblogged, as the good wp robot alternative i can find.

Autoblogged = wp robot alternative.

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