Wp robot vs Autoblog Samurai [the difference]

Wp robot vs Autoblog Samurai, similarities.

When we are talking about wp robot vs autoblog samurai, certainly we must know that both are softwares that can be used to set up an autoblog using wordpress.

There are some few things that make them almost 100% similar;

1. Both are autoblog softwares.

2. Both are not free, they are premium.

3. Both can be used to earn money autopilot.

4. Both are developed by their developers to be compatible with wordpress 3.0.2 or 3+.

The difference — wp robot vs autoblog samurai

In my other post, which is titled, best autoblog wordpress plugin, i have listed all features of latest version of wp robot 3 (now it is wp robot 3.2) i have noticed a lot of difference, talking about wp robot vs autoblog samurai.

This will not change about the best autoblog plugin, which is still, of course wp robot.

Wp robot vs autoblog samurai, so what are actually the difference?

1. First of all, autoblog samurai is more cheap than wp robot full version.

Autoblog samurai costs about 77$ and wp robot is 169$ (if you choose full modules, you can actually pick a few modules you want, it does not have to be full version).

2. Wp Robot is more user friendly.

Wp Robot is a plugin, which you can easily install inside your dashboard, and activate, and then use it. Without any extra additional step, you only need to install the plugin, just like installing another premium plugins.

Autoblog Samurai is a software, means, you need to install it in your computer, and not inside your dashboard.

wp robot vs autoblog samurai

wp robot inside my dashboard.

3. With Wp Robot, you work with it inside your dashboard, with Autoblog samurai, you work in your computer.

4. With Wp Robot, you can pull the comments of Amazon product, Autoblog Samurai can’t.

5. To activate wp robot, you do not need to activate XML-RPC of your writing option in your dashboard, which you need to activate it when you are installing Autoblog Samurai.

6. Wp Robot can be used only with wordpress, autoblog samurai can be used with blogger blogspot blog (though i have not tried this myself, but the seller claims so).

7. Wp robot has an ability to insert a content when you create a post. See image, in my dashboard, when i am creating a post, i can insert an automatic content by clicking the red highlighted icon.

wp robot vs autoblog samurai

With this icon, i can insert a content.

Wp Robot vs autoblog samurai, which one i would choose.

If you use wordpress, the answer is Wp Robot. If you use blogspot, of course autoblog samurai. Especially for 77$ you can have wp robot too, by choosing the modules you want to have, so you do not have to pay for 169$. Plus if you use this coupon, GETWPROBOT, you can get 30$ discount.

With all wp robot features, that Autoblog Samurai do not have, you will not regret the money you invest. See my autoblog demo, top 10 antivirus software, which can rank in Google, and earn me money autopilot with affiliate marketing.

If you have any question feel free to ask me, that was my review of wp robot vs autoblog samurai.

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