WP Smush.it Review [Video] WordPress Plugin for Image Optimization

WP Smush.it to optimize your images automatically

Wp Smush.it is one of wordpress plugin that we will review today, to automatically compress your images directly inside your dashboard. (related: optimize your wordpress images)

I still remember, about last year, I have wrote and posted a screencast and video tutorial how to use Yahoo smush it to optimize your wordpress images.

And one of my commenters in that post, uses wp smush.it to do it automatically without going to the Yahoo smush it website. It can save times.

WP Smush.it, Loading Speed of Your Blog and SEO

As we know compressing blog pictures is a very important aspect or factor in Search Engine Optimizations method that most bloggers, especially newbies do not aware about it.

I speak based on my own experience, that one year ago, when I started my blogging journey, uploading pictures are very easy (see add images to wordpress), that’s all I know, without knowing to optimize them, and so forth. I wish I knew about it last year!

Not only as an essential SEO factor, but compressing pictures that are uploaded to your web server, can save space in your hosting, as well as speed up your blog’s loading speed. (related: check blog speed)

It is a good practice, therefore I really recommend your pictures should be all compressed.

Now, you might have question, what does WP Smush.it plugin has something to do with SEO?

To me, it is actually not about the plugin itself. But the “image size optimization” is the topic. WP Smush.it helps us to do the image optimization “automatically” when our images are posted in our blog.

So we don’t need to go to Yahoo! Smush it website whenever we want to upload pictures.

When your post pictures are optimized (related: Best SEO wordpress theme, Best SEO plugin, SEO tips 2011), it increases your blog’s loading speed, it means, more accessable to your readers and Search Engine Bots can crawl your post faster, then your post has plus point for Search Engine Optimizations.

WP Smush.It Plugin Video Review

This is my video which I don’t put my voice in it, it feels strange but I just made it.

You can download WP Smush.It here, and then FTP-ing it to your server (uploadingwordpress files with FTP tutorial) or install it inside the dashboard. (related: install wordpress plugin tutorial).


wp smush.it
The different of the image size

WP Smush.it Video Review:


1. Inside the dashboard, your admin page, go to “Plugins” and then click “Add New”

2. Type “wp smush it” inside the search box.

3. It should be in the first list, click “install now” then click “OK” button if it asks you, “are you sure..”

4. Once it is installed, click “Activate now”.

That’s it, how simple, you don’t need to change or modify any plugins settings, the plugin is now going to compress your images automatically.

I have also compared the image before it was uploaded to the blog, and after posted to the blog.

The size are different and smaller, but in the video it did not show big difference since the image itself was already optimized by me. You will see the big difference if you have several images in a post.

I personally don’t install this plugin, my reason is, because, I don’t want to install another plugin for something that I can do without plugin.

Using this plugin can really save your time, especially if you have many images in your posts.

To me, go to Yahoo! Smush it website is not too complicated, it just took a few minutes, and I prefer that way than installing another plugin.

My suggestion, if you have “pictures or gallery” niches in your blog, try WP Smush.It

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  1. says

    I use wp smushit on my site, have had it a couple weeks, I don’t know if its just a coincidence but I am seeing more traffic coming from Yahoo. I like that it automatically goes through all your previous pictures on my blog and smushes them, also automatically does new posts, I love to set up and be hands off after that.