Yahoo Answers – One Traffic Source For Your Blog

Yahoo Answers – Traffic source for new blog

I have loved using Yahoo Answers as my traffic source last year, when this blog was about a month or two months old.

Yahoo answers can drive traffic especially when you have some tips and tricks to catch people attention.

Recently they have some kind of strict policy about spammers because some Internet marketers use it to be their income source.

Well, I have tried it too, but I failed, and I think it is waste of time, especially when our answers gets deleted.

I recently stopped using Yahoo Answers because my account was disabled many times, and I did not even spam, I have just wanted to help by linking to my posts sometimes, and not always.

But I have noticed some people who are active in Yahoo answers give my blog post link as a source, which is great to me, because I don’t need to spend my times in Yahoo Answers website.

However back last year, when this blog has about 10 posts, surely, I barely get 20 visitors a day from Google. (related post: get 1000 visitors day)

So to get around 50-100 visitors a day at that time, I used forums, and Yahoo answers.

The result was great, people start to visit this blog from Yahoo answers website, although I had to re-create Yahoo account again and again, because I was banned..

What’s so great about Yahoo Answers traffic?

Although, participating in Yahoo Answers (it is also called as YA) community can be very tiring because of a banned account, you can actually get a very long traffic.

I remember when I still don’t use www for my blog URL (related: wordpress www or no www), I spread so many links in YA and people are still coming from this website.

It means those links which are still alive in YA are long lasting, probably will stay there forever.

Apart of that, using Yahoo Answers can be counted as a nofollow backlinks which are also important. (related: nofollow links are useless?)

In fact, I had to do so many line of redirections URL from older wordpress permalink and non www to www version of so many of my blog posts because those links are in Yahoo Answers website.

If only I did not redirect via .htaccess about my older permalink, people would only find 404 not found error page from those links. That’s why most code in my htaccess file is redirection because I can’t edit those YA, since my account was banned.

Many people think Yahoo answers are managed by some kids since there, you can be easily banned without any intentions of spamming.

Yahoo Answers – How to participate

I can’t count how many accounts of mine were banned there, but I guess they are more than three usernames, and they are all gone.

Right now, I have one alive account, and I am able to put anylinks, however I don’t participate much there, since it requires some time that I don’t really have.

yahoo answers
Yahoo Answers.

From my experience, here are some tips that I would do if I want to participate in Yahoo answers website. (related: Yahoo email hacked)

1. Put an image in your avatar because that’s helpful to catch attention.

2. When someone asks about a question that you know the answer, try to be the first person who give the answer.

3. Put link to your post if there is related question to your blog, this way, people will click your link, and that’s generating more traffic.

4. Try not to always put your blog link, link sometimes to other websites. But best is not to link to any website. I was ever banned, because I linked to Fiverr, and Fiverr is not my website, still I was banned. (sometimes, the moderator gets weird).

5. YA  is a social network, if you answer some questions and the people who ask those questions like you, they will ask for a friendship, which is great for having more contact.

6. YA can give you a very long term link and traffic. This is I notice myself, my answer which I gave last year, still get more than 30 visitors a month in this blog.

Have you used Yahoo answers as a blog traffic strategy?

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