Yahoo application id for sitemap [wordpress]

Yahoo application id why do you need it?

Since i have made a detailed video tutorial, how to submit your blog to yahoo, and before that process, you need to generate wordpress sitemap.xml file first.

While generating the sitemap with wordpress sitemap plugin, you need to know your Yahoo application id to notify yahoo about your blog’s updates.

Notifying other Search Engines are not difficult and complicated, however with Yahoo, we have to apply ourselves for a Yahoo application id.

For more infos about how to submit your site to Search Engines, I have posted some video tutorials:

1. Submit sitemap.xml to Google.

2. Submit blog to Yahoo.

3. Get your blog indexed by Bing.

4. Submit your blog to

About how to get Yahoo application id, actually it  is a self explanatory step, but i have notice some people are confused where to get it and how they can actually choose the options, especially on the browser-based application or generic options.

So we will get the Yahoo application id in this post, and if  you want to know how i did create sitemap for this blog, you can watch it in my wordpress create sitemap.xml post.

Yahoo application id is not only for sitemap.

Because i am using wp robot for my autoblog, this id is really useful for wp robot settings, because it also needs to have Yahoo application id.

You can actually use different Yahoo application id for each project you have by registering your project and get the new id.

Also, when you do not need the key anymore, you can trash it by deleting your project name in Yahoo developer account, which we will not talk about it today.

Read the steps below..

How to get Yahoo application id steps:

Although this step is important, you may be want to know the other options that i did configure with this blog’s sitemap, especially the priority options for pages, posts, categories, etc.

Feel free to see my wordpress create sitemap.xml video tutorial and post.

1. In the process creating wordpress sitemap.xml, you will see there is a text, saying “

yahoo application id

yahoo application id link.

And if you don’t have one, you can click the “request one here” link. or go directly to this link:

2. After the click you will land to this page:

yahoo application id

The options of getting yahoo application id steps.

– Yahoo id: Usually your yahoo id from your yahoo email address. It is filled in automatically, once you are logged in to your yahoo email account.

– Authentication method: Generic. No user authentication required. This appid will allow you to make calls to our non-authenticated web services.

– Developer/Company Name: Type your name.

– Product Name: Type something, i typed, sitemap blog in this demo.

– Contact Email: Your email address.

– Description of Application: Describe your application.

3. Click continue button.

4. You will then see your Yahoo application id page.

yahoo application id

Your yahoo application id.

5. Copy and paste to your sitemap.xml option in your dashboard.

6. Click “Finished” button once you are done.

That’s it, we now know how to get Yahoo application id for your sitemap xml plugin option or wprobot if you use it.

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