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Yahoo Email Hacked — At First I ignored it

Very long time ago, I have a Yahoo email account, and one day, I wanted to logged in to my account, I accidentally opened someone’s account, and it was on Yahoo.

The owner of that email address seemed to be an Indian, but I wasn’t sure, because I immediately logged out from that account and then I logged into mine.

Apparently, since that thing happened strangely, I realized, It is possible, that Yahoo email hacked.

Since that day too, I was being careful with Yahoo email. Not that I don’t want to use it at all, but filtering what kind of email I can store there, what I don’t store there.

Until today, I use Yahoo Mail (YM) mostly for Yahoo Answers website. Glad I am doing it, because something really bad could be worse due to Yahoo Email hacked issue.

If you are interested to this fact, read further in this Yahoo Email hacked post..

Many people got their accounts, Yahoo Email hacked

Because it only happened to me, the yahoo email hacked case above, that I accidentally accessed someone else’s YM, I thought I should ignore it.

I did not know why it happened that way, but I thought it happens perhaps one in a billions case. So I don’t really bother it.

Until recently, I read so many people complains about their YM being hacked, and then I start to realize, it happens a lot.

So I guess I have to write this yahoo email hacked post to remind you not to put any financial datas, such as Credit card info, your affiliate account, or even webhosting sign-up letters in free email accounts, especially YM.

I said this, because lately, a blogger has his many accounts including his domain name was hacked due to Yahoo Email hacked thing.

You can read on this thread for a blog, and you can read to this forum threads how people’s free mail accounts are hacked too.

yahoo email hacked

Well actually, there are so many cases, you can google theme, because obviously I can’t link them all here.

Yahoo Email Hacked — How to avoid it?

The point of this yahoo email hacked post is basically to suggest you saving your important datas not in a free email accounts, at least on your private email accounts.

Of course the very first stage to protect is your computer at home. It is happening in a wordpress blog too.

The security of a wordpress blog started from your computer, where you upload some files. It does not matter how secure your web host is, if your computer is infected, it can affect your blog’s security too. (tips to secure wordpress).

So this are my tips to avoid your emails being hacked:

1. Choose really strong password for your emails, if necessary, use password generator and add additional characters or numbers or letters.

Usually, when you are asked to type password, there is an indicator which will say, whether your password is weak or strong enough.

Modify your passwords until it says, very strong.

2. Don’t use same passwords for some email accounts.

Try to use one email address one password. I am doing it too, and I know it can be nightmare if you have so many accounts, because it is possible, that you forget your password in an account. Solution for this is, write down your password in a book somewhere at your home.

3. Log in to your paypal account, and see how much many you have. I usually have under $10 in my paypal account.

This can happen to any bank accounts which are linked to your paypal account too, if someone can log in to your paypal account and pay huge amount of money from your bank, you would not want it too. So keep only a few bucks in your paypal or associated bank account.

4. Very important, use a good antivirus to protect your computer and files. (related: Top antivirus 2011).

I hope these tips above, can be a reminder and useful to avoid Yahoo Email hacked issue or any other email accounts.

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