Youtube Embed Button Missing – Where is it?

YouTube Embed Button is missing

Everything has changed lately, especially with Google Search and YouTube (YT).

Some days ago, when I wanted to edit one of my old post which has a video embedding code from YT with iframe, and when I published it, the video was gone.

So I went to YT website to replace these codes, but I could not see the the YouTube embed button.

This button is usually under the video itself, and we will automatically see this small button, however, it was changed, I noticed.

There are some changes, includes the YouTube embed button

Not only the embed button is missing, there are also some people who have their videos uploaded in YouTube got their account suspended or their videos deleted, especially those videos who have “how to earn money” topics.

At the moment, my YouTube account and videos are still fine, I guess because I don’t have any videos that have those topics.

However, due to some Algorithm changes both Google and YT, a lot of people who uploaded their videos getting suspension disaster.

Those changes include the YouTube URL to embed, which usually it had “”, now it has URL address like,

At first, I asked myself, how on earth can I embed my own videos? Do they change the policy and settings world wide? But then I found out how to find this button.

How to embed videos when the YouTube embed button is missing?

I am sure, in the coming future it will be changed again, especially when YouTube changes its structure and layout.

But when this post is created, the YouTube embed button, you can actually find under the video itself. So it is actually hidden by default, quite different than the old appearance.

I can not remember either if the old appearance people can customise the video’s dimension, but with its new layout, YT gives us that option, which is very cool.

Here is the screenshot:

youtube embed button

Click on "Share" button to find YouTube embed button

When you click on “share” button, in the pull down menu, you will see “share” and “embed”, you can click “embed” and the code will show up and highlighted by default.

In the screenshot above, you also can modify the width and the height of the video in pixel.

If you are interested, I also posted how to add video in wordpress blog, once you found the YouTube embed button.

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