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YouTube Video Plugin – Plugins save work and time

Because I have a blog which contains a lots of videos, be it embedded or a self-hosted (although I am thinking to remove my hosted videos), so I have tried so many plugins, or even embedding video codes which are W3C validated.

As in the title written, using plugins saved my time and energy, since I run multiple blogs to test on everything.

Using YouTube video plugin is very easy, because you just can copy the YouTube (YT) URL address to the plugin options and then it will embedded or displayed in your blog post or page.

There is more to pay attention of using YouTube video plugin, if you care about your site’s code validated or cleaness. all YouTube video plugin (s) that I have tried to use gave always error codes.

I know most people do not really care about it, but a few people do, I do too.

YouTube Video Plugin – With or Without Plugins?

The answer of this question really depends on you on how comfortable you want to add the videos code by adding yourself or using YouTube video plugin.

I know whenever bloggers ask in some wordpress related forums, another bloggers or forum members will definitely recommend using plugins. (almost 80% of them.)

This reminds me when I started to build this wordpress blog one year ago, if I want to achieve something or do something different with this website, I would firstly look for plugins which can do this and that.

Though then, I started to realized, I did my mistake! using too much plugins which are not necessary..

Here are some advantages of not using plugins and this is why I don’t use a YouTube video plugin to have my videos embedded in this blog, although more than 60% of my video tutorials are stored in that biggest video search engine or sharing site.

1. Error w3c video code, it is not validated.

This is my main reason why I don’t use YouTube video plugin. Because although it was easier and faster to get your video displayed on your blog, but the plugin gave me some error and not W3C validated.

So I needed to correct them again, and to me, adding manually is more efficient in this case.

2. Plugin does not always work as we wanted after wordpress update.

A while back, I guess it was two months or three months ago, when WordPress 3.0 was released, I noticed that my YouTube video plugin did not work after the wordpress update.

Imagine, because I have more than 40 videos on this site, it would be pain to change those posts one by one, to change the embed code.

And due to wordpress frequent update, I don’t want to risk another issue, which is YouTube video plugin’s compatibility.

3. Again, nearly all plugin will consume resources, be it from your webhost and inside the dashboard’s speed.

This is because when you load your admin page, you also load each installed plugin’s scripts. So logically, more plugins – more slow.

The best YouTube video plugin of wordpress that I have ever tried.

Since I have many video tutorials, so I have tried many plugins. Some of them are often updated by the developer, some of them are not at all.

So I would prefer adding the codes manually, since when something happens with the plugin, we would not need to be worried editing our video posts one by one.

If you also prefer adding them manually, I have posted a post which is titled, “adding video to post“.

And the best YouTube video plugin that I have ever tried is Viper YouTube video plugin (It is called, Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin for YouTube and more). Although it has limitations but this plugin is great to help embedding videos from sharing sites websites.

youtube video plugin

Viper Video Quicktags = one of the best YouTube video plugins.

And for this blog, because I also host my videos locally in my webhost, I don’t use viper video plugin, because it could not do what I want.

So if you have another good YouTube video plugin, share ;)

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